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“I’m not saying you have to tell all your deepest secrets, but you can’t misrepresent yourself.”What’s more, it’s not good enough to just be honest.You have to be authentic.“Be yourself,” Coleman says.“There are people out there with bad intentions, and women have to be especially careful about the image they portray.When you have pictures with cleavage or tight clothes, you’re going to attract the wrong kind of attention.”When it comes to online dating (and traditional dating, for that matter), instincts trump all.“If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut.

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“Also, don’t post pictures of your kids on your profile.”If the conversation rapidly turns intimate or inappropriate, nix the contact just as quickly.“When people want to meet immediately or late at night, that’s a big red flag.

Here’s a wake-up call: “Be sure your telephone number is unlisted so it can’t be tracked to an address,” Snell says.

“You can’t be careful enough about this in the beginning.”When it comes to giving out names, keep it short—as in first names only.“Someone with sincere intentions won’t have a problem with that,” Snell says.

There is more to you than just your religion, and it can sometimes come across as judgmental,” Snell says.

“Don’t build your whole profile off of how many callings you’ve had or inspirational quotes solely from the scriptures.

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