Laws violent intimidating neighbors

Cushier rugs can have a greater noise-absorbing effect, so if you’re into shag rugs, you’re in luck.

Wall hangings and curtains So you’ve got your floor taken care of, but what about the walls? No worries, though—just a few wall hangings or tapestries can make a big difference when it comes to reducing the amount of noise in your apartment, while adding a ton of style at the same time.

Carpeting and rugs Carpet can do a surprisingly good job of absorbing sound in the home.

In one of several cases, two reporters working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty were arrested in July by intelligence services in Konar province and were detained for a week without charge.

Back to Top Albania Partly Free LE: 17 PE: 16 EE: 17 Total: 50 The legal system protects freedom of the press, and it is generally respected by the authorities.

Press freedom advocates in 2006 continued to urge the government to decriminalize defamation, which could incur a maximum sentence of two years in prison under existing statutes.

Although registration requirements remain in place, authorities have granted more than 250 publications licenses, and several dozen private radio stations and eight television stations are now broadcasting, with the expansion of independent print and broadcast outlets continuing in 2005.

National and local governments continue to own or control several dozen newspapers and almost all of the electronic media, and reporting at these news outlets is generally balanced.

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