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Don’t be too tough, though, otherwise your fun game will turn into a shockingly expensive detour. Step two: ask if you can find a talkback radio show. Ask them where they’re from, then ask them more about wherever that is.

Provide details of your home address via a series of increasingly complex riddles and clues and see how he goes at getting you there. The driver doesn’t know you, so if you can pull off a convincing performance and rock a heavy accent without them ever raising an eyebrow and asking where exactly you’re from, you know you’re nailing it. Of course, if you really want to mess with them, change accents and/or personalities halfway through the trip, and if they ask you about it - act like you’ve no idea what they’re talking about. Then put the phone down, dial back the radio and actually talk to them.

"He's got this Biblical beard," Obama cracked. " Clooney paid him a compliment: "I like this Soggy Bottom Boys look you've got going on." (Although an O Brother, Where Art Thou?

joke from the Cloon does probably count as promoting product.) It has to be weird for Dave on the sidelines – after all those years of getting told he was too mean for the job, late night has finally turned into the combat zone he always not-so-secretly wanted it to be.

But that's not to say you need to be picture perfect.

Future episodes will include Tina Fey, Malala Yousafzai, Stern and Jay-Z.

It's not a groundbreaking show, and doesn't aim to be – it's just Letterman engaging topics that genuinely rouse his interest, making zero effort to turn it into zingy television. Both Obama and Clooney came strapped with quips about Dave's facial hair.

In these fractious times, there's nothing to be gained by playing cute, which means Stephen Colbert, occupying Dave's old show, can now tell the President, "Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine." He later informing our toxic commander-in-chief that "the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladmir Putin's cock holster." Imagine how Dave feels getting left out of this.

But he's not trying to talk tough on My Next Guest – just aiming for in-depth conversations with smart folks he doesn't despise.

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