Laetitia casta dating dating site profiles with bmp

There have been rumours recently that she and her fiancé have married and I cautiously ask her to confirm whether this is true.

Because it is when I am working that the real me comes out – that is when I am the most real and honest. What is interesting about me isn’t that I am a mother, it is who I am.When I am acting a role in a film or working with Dolce & Gabbana on this fragrance are a father, let’s talk about that. I love my family but if I just talk to you about being a mother it’s boring.How do you cope having a successful career as well as being a father? I am sorry but it’s reducing who I really am and it’s really boring,’ she says and I feel both chastened and boring (I sense Laetitia has a very low boredom threshold).She is very cute but she is very powerful and creative in her world.The director took me aside and said that I had to be very strong.

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