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Merlino reportedly rejected a plea offer last summer that carried less than two years in prison in a case that could put him away for 20.

She is also survived by her mother, Imogene Badgett; brothers and sisters: Randall and Claudette Badgett, Roy and Brenda Badgett, Colin Mosser, Trey and Lori Ritz; and a host of nieces and nephews.

They already have lobbed attacks at the past of other government witnesses, including Bonanno mob capo Peter “Pug” Lovaglio, who flipped sides after he was arrested for smashing a cocktail glass in the face of an ex-NYPD officer at a Staten Island sushi lounge.

As for Merlino, his defense lawyers say, the tapes prove that he’s left such old-school mob street violence behind.

It’s a line Merlino has perpetually repeated since he was released in 2011 after more than a decade in federal prison for racketeering, gambling, assault, and weapons convictions and immediately relocated to Florida.

Merlino and his lawyers declined to discuss the current case before it goes to trial.

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