Kellie pickler dating too too

Know about the times you used to hold me Wrapped me in your arms and how you told me I'd be the only one I heard about Yeah, someone told me once, when you were out She went a little crazy ran her mouth about me Ain't jealousy funny?

Kellie Pickler‘s husband, Kyle Jacobs, is the perfect counterpart to his dazzling wife!

I always look forward to our crazy adventures, and can't wait to explore more of this beautiful life together…Much love to y'all from Japan!

Jacobs credits her for giving him the encouragement and confidence he needed to give singing a shot.Pickler told USA Today, “We’ve been joking about sneaking into the Country Music Hall of Fame and putting his little dance trophy beside my mirror-ball trophy.” But while the two may be on the same page when it comes to dancing, they differ when it comes to sleeping– while being interviewed on the Ellen show, Pickler revealed that she’s jealous of how easy it is for Kyle to sleep.Pickler, herself, is an insomniac, and she’s infuriated by the fact that her husband can fall asleep once his head touches the pillow.(Her grandmother Faye Pickler and grandfather Clyde Pickler Sr.had raised her after gaining full custody in 1997.) “It was the most spiritual moment.” Pickler relayed to Blessed and beyond grateful to be able to see the world with my love, Kyle Jacobs.

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