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First, though, I would like to say that several years ago, I asked Hawkridge Systems, one of my VAR's, if they could create a "Hawkware" product (Hawkware is their custom software for Solid Works users) that would create a drawing tree from a Solid Works assembly. They jumped on it and this is the result: it's called "Tree View Studio" and is a standalone product. Now, a year or two after they came out with this, funny, but Solid Works re-released Treehouse. Originally Treehouse could not produce a Drawing Tree from an assembly file, so in other words, what good was it?Well, maybe Hawkridge's efforts spurned them on a bit. It is a way to quickly view a project, especially for those of you who need to keep non-engineering staff briefed on progress. And even if they did, do you really want them opening and snooping around your project files? The drawing tree just graphically displays why you see in an assembly's feature tree.It lays it out very nicely so a quick glance gives one a tremendous amount of information.

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The child trust fund was a long-term, tax-free savings account for children.

Commencing in 2002, at birth, every eligible child was given a voucher worth £250 to open an account, with a further £250 being paid directly into the accounts of children who live in low income families.

At age seven, the government made an additional £250 payment into each account, with a further £250 for children in low income families.

What quicker way to show the scope of a project and, if properly illustrated with colors and such, display the ongoing status??

If done correctly, this can be extremely useful for project management and to provide project or program visibility to your organization.

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