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We hope that Amrita is no longer single-handedly raising the kids and is doing much better.

Coming back to films, Amrita is definitely not out of limelight and is teaming up with Anil Kapoor, one of Amrita’s co-actors of many films of 1980s.The first taste she says she got of Saif’s wandering eye is when they were giving an “up and coming actress a lift,” such that upon returning to the car after buying something she caught Saif and the girl talking about things far more personal than just business or movies.Saif on the other hand maintains that it was simply a case of “falling out of love” with Amrita, and that he then saw no sense in pursuing such a relationship.The upcoming film, which is said to be named Mubaraka will have Amrita-Arjun play the mother-son duo once again.Anil Kapoor’s role is unknown but he candidly shared in an interview that he is scared of collaborating with Amrita since she is brutally honest and may spill all his secrets to his dear nephew. Here is looking forward to Amrita’s next film, and hoping that we get to see Sara and Ibrahim grace the film screen soon.

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