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Confidence also comes from whom we surround ourselves with, Joyce notes.

When we make sure we are surrounded with positive people and mentors, it can help us discover who we really are, and feel confident in projecting that.

“Everything we did was fashionable,” Joyce recalls.

The family vacationed in the most fashionable resorts, enjoyed summers on yachts.

“The number one thing you should look at when selecting clothes is how comfortable they make you feel. It’s about finding the authentic ‘you.’ If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing.

“I saw a lot of people who were lost, focused only on the latest trend and adopting the newest fad.” Even though she was living in that milieu, Joyce notes there was something different about her family.

One of the most sought-after designers in America today, Joyce isn’t retiring.

She is starting her own fashion line, Avec Les Filles (“With the Girls”), a fashion line aimed at younger women, providing Joyce’s trademark fashion-forward look with classic pieces and affordable price-points.

Designing for young women, Joyce is keenly aware of the pressures that girls and young women face to conform to the latest styles.

“A lot of girls buy into fashion trends and they push their level of comfort which creates insecurity,” Joyce notes. Confidence is central in fashion and confidence really means being comfortable in yourself.

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