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Rowe, Lord Sanderson, Sir George Trevelyan, Henry White, and Lothrop Withington; and U. presidents Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.”Letters, 1896-1919 (11 boxes); scrapbooks, 1896-1920 (4 boxes). President, 1888-93, Republican; represented, 1900, Venezuela in boundary dispute with Great Britain. Letters from Bristow between 18 are especially significant for information concerning the administration of Ulysses S. Miscellaneous material includes published copies (9 v.) of Harlan's Supreme Court opinions, compiled by Richard D. Also included are extensive financial and legal papers, 1810-1863, of Harlan'sfather, James Harlan, including material relating to political appointments in Kentucky. Bertram, William Jennings Bryan, Lord Bryce, Nicholas Murray Butler, Joseph Hodges Choate, Samuel Harden Church, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Grover Cleveland, W. Dwight, Charles William Eliot, Robert Erskine Ely, Baron d'Estournelle de Constant, Robert A. of his books.”Mc Cook Family Papers,1809-1966, bulk: 1850-1900. Grover Cleveland* (1837-1908), Papers of 1859-1945, bulk: 1885-1908. Marcus Alonzo Hanna* or Mark Hanna* (1837-1904): Western Reserve University, Hudson OH; wholesale grocery, iron and coal, and other businesses, Cleveland OH; advisor to U. presidents; Chair, 1896, Republican National Committee; U. Senate, 1897-1904, Republican, Ohio; father of: Ruth Hanna Mc Cormick* or Ruth Simms* (1880-1944): owned and operated a dairy and breeding farm, Byron IL; publisher, President, Rockford IL Consolidated Newspapers, Inc.; leader, 1913-20, women’s suffrage movement; Chair, Women’s Executive Committee and Associate Member, 1919-24, and Member, 1924-28, Republican National Committee; U. Congress, 1929-31, Republican, Illinois; wife of: Joseph Medill Mc Cormick* or Medill Mc Cormick* (1877-1925): Yale, 1900; reporter, editor, publisher, owner, 1900-25, Chicago Daily Tribune; war correspondent, 1901, Philippines; Vice Chair, 1912-14, National Campaign Committee, Progressive Party; Illinois legislature, 1913-17; U. Congress, 1917-19 and Senate, 1919-25, Republican, Illinois.“Correspondence, diary and notebook fragments, speeches, financial records, scrapbooks, printed matter, and other papers focusing chiefly on the political activities of Ruth Hanna Mc Cormick Simms*. Morrow with Joseph Benson Foraker, Theodore Roosevelt, and members of Hanna's family. of articles, speeches, and books, and other papers” of: Samuel Jordan Harrison (1771-1846), merchant. S.; First Assistant Postmaster General under Benjamin Harrison; Surveyor of Customs, Port of New York; railroad and other commercial interests.“Correspondence, speeches, articles, newspaper clippings, and printed matter, relating chiefly to Clarkson's” political activities and his “connection with the Iowa Republican State committee,” . Hans von Berlepsch* (1850-1915): Ornithologist, collector of bird specimens; member of distinguished German family: Hans von Berlepsch (1480? Papers relate to Bonaparte's Progressive and Republican Party political activities, his government service, and his positions as member and chairman of council of the National Civil Service Reform League, member of the board of overseers of Harvard, trustee of the Catholic University of America, president of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Md., member of the Maryland Board of State Aid and Charities, president of the National Municipal League, and member of the executive committee of the National Civic Federation. The correspondence relates primarily to bimetallism and other currency affairs of the British Empire and the United States; other papers concern tariff matters, Imperial preference, world trade, and Frewen'speriod in Parliament. Correspondents include Arthur James Balfour, William Jennings Bryan, Austen Chamberlain, Randolph Churchill, Henry George Grey, James K. Garfield, Marcus Alonzo Hanna, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Andrew B. Bristow and John Newman; Harlan'spolitical activities in Kentucky during 1876 when he supported Bristow's candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination; Harlan'sappointment, 1877, as a member of the commission to settle the disputed state election in Louisiana;” his service with the Union Army, role in the Bering Sea-Fur Seal Controversy, tenure as a law professor, and “other aspects of his legal and judicial career. Industrialist and steel manufacturer; philanthropist.“Correspondence, reports, memoranda, speeches, articles, book files, financial papers, printed materials, and other papers. Correspondents include Lord Acton, Lord Balfour, John Barrett, James P. in all: “Harris'articles, addresses, lectures, and reports, with notes and printed material used in their preparation, and the MSS. Pond, Elihu Root, Charles Emory Scott, and others.”Maria Kraus-Boelté* (1836-1918), Papers of, 1904-1913 (4/4). 1896): Born Germany, arrived United States, 1851; U. Also included are typescripts of speeches, a letter, and some photographs (64 items).”Pamphlets and periodicals, 1896-1910, containing speeches and articles by Brewer (4 boxes). Cortelyou, George Creel, Josephus Daniels, Grenville Mellen Dodge, John Hay, Robert Lansing, John Davis Long, A. Hanna-Mc Cormick Family Papers, 1792-1985, bulk: 1902-1944). Includes copies of interviews, 1905-1906, about him conducted by James B. Finding aid online: “Correspondence, diaries, reports, memoranda, MSS. Puleston, biographer’s research materials (3 boxes); clippings, 1898-1914 (3 boxes). Editor of newspaper, Iowa State Register; delegate, 1876-1896, to the Republican national conventions; member, 1880-1896, Republican National Committee; president, 1891-1893, Republican League of the U. Clemens, Hamlin Garland, Charles Dana Gibson, Gifford Pinchot, Frederic Remington, Franklin D. Hans Hermann Carl Ludwig, Graf von Berlepsch*, Papers of, 1874-1913 (2/3). Correspondence, 1874-1921, comprises the bulk of the collection. Includes an annotated typescript with a cover note by H. Mencken and page proofs from the American Mercury of Markham'spoem, “The Ballad of the Gallows-bird.” Correspondents include Amelia Josephine Burr, Frederic Lathrop Colver, William Griffith, Robert Underwood Johnson, Anna Catherine Markham, and George Sylvester Viereck. Member of Parliament, represented Cork, Ireland; economist, businessman.“Correspondence with royalty, noblemen, diplomats, American and British political and social leaders, writers, poets, journalists, financiers, industrial magnates, and others; speeches; extracts of writings; photographs; newspaper clippings; and other printed matter documenting Frewen'sactivities in business ventures or government service in England, the American West, Hyderabad, Kenya, Ireland, Mexico, China, Canada, and Australia.

Dawes’s connection with Oakes Ames and the Credit Mobilier, the George Chorpenning claim case, the U. Weather Bureau, tariff questions, and Gallaudet College for the Deaf in Washington, D. Correspondents include Lyman Abbott, Charles Allen, Oakes Ames, James Gillespie Blaine, Montgomery Blair, Cornelius Newton Bliss, Samuel Bowles, Selwyn Zadock Bowman, Calvin Clifford Chaffee, William Claflin, Schuyler Colfax, Cushman Kellogg Davis, Edward Everett, Cyrus W. Clara Barton* (1821-1912), Papers of, 1805-1958, bulk: 1861-1912. Reed's role in the National First Aid Association of America, progressive movements, women's rights, woman suffrage, temperance, and other reform issues.

Julia Ward Howe* (1819-1910), Papers of, 1845-1917 (1/5). “Correspondence, speeches, writings, notes, printed material, and other papers pertaining to culture, education, immigration, prison reform, race relations, religion, and women's rights. Red Cross and general letters, 1895-1907 (41 boxes), including: Cuba, 1898 (24 boxes), Galveston TX flood, 1900 (2 boxes), lectures, 1878-1911 (2 boxes), undated clippings (5 boxes), business papers and notes (2 boxes) plus microfilm, diaries, 1903-04, 1910, in possession of American Red Cross (1 reel). Correspondents include Sarah Mac Cormack Algeo, Susan B. Bancroft Davis* (1822-1907), Papers of,1849-1902 (3/87). John Chandler Bancroft Davis*: American correspondent before the Civil War for the London Times and, 1883-1902, at the U. Supreme Court; American negotiator with Great Britain before and after the Civil War.“Bound volumes of correspondence, diaries, journals, reports, printed material, and other papers chiefly relating to Davis'sdiplomatic career.” Letters, 1895-1902 (3 v.).

Washburne, and Herbert Welsh.”Letters, 1896-1905 (3 boxes); speeches, 1896-1901 (3 boxes); subject files, Native Americans, 1896-1903 (5 boxes). (1874); author: Modern Society (1881); President, 1890, General Federation of Women's Clubs; pacifist, helped found, 1891, American Friends of Russian Freedom and, 1894, activist with United Friends of Armenia; author: Women’s Work in America (1891), and others; memoir: Reminiscences, 1819-1899 (1899). Vassall, Charlotte Fowler Wells, Mary Isabelle (Kensel) Wells, Roscoe Green Wells, Frances Elizabeth Willard, Mary Bannister Willard, and Henry Wilson.”Diaries, 1896-1909, 1876-1911 (3 boxes); letterbooks, 1898-1909 (2 boxes); scrapbooks, 1898-1912 (1 box); printed matter, photographs, 1859-1904 (1 box); newspaper clippings, 1895-1918, including: Red Cross in China, Turkey, Armenia, Greece, 1895-97, Cuba, 1898 (3 boxes); biographical, 1899-1918 (3 boxes).

Butler, John Lee Carroll, Eugene Casserly, Joseph Chamberlain, Grover Cleveland, Samuel Sullivan Cox, Charles Denby, Donald Mc Donald Dickinson, Henry Du Pont, Charles William Eliot, William Crowninshield Endicott, William Maxwell Evarts, Charles S. Supreme Court.“Letters to Gray, many of which contain references to legal decisions and opinions in which Graywas interested or involved, relating primarily to his career at the U. of sermons relating chiefly to the Methodist Publishing House, Nashville TN, and to claims of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, growing out of Civil War property confiscations. “Civil engineer and aviation pioneer.”“Correspondence, letterbooks, notebooks, articles, family papers, patents, kite diagrams, sketches, plans of Chanute's railroad bridge across the Missouri River, clippings, and photographs. Other correspondents include Clément Ader, William A. Family correspondents include Henry Weld Fuller, Mary Ellen Coolbaugh Fuller, Joseph Emerson Smith, Catherine Weston Fuller Wadleigh, Nathan Weston, Paulina B. Yale, 1862, Columbia Law and New York Bar, 1864, practiced 1864-66; moved to Chicago IL, 1866 and founded wholesale grocery business; President, 1866-19-31, Franklin Mac Veagh & Company; U. Treasury Secretrary, 1909-13.“Correspondence, family papers, subject files, business, legal, and financial papers, speeches, and miscellany relating primarily to Mac Veagh'sgovernmentservice. Customs and Internal Revenue Services, political patronage, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, American Civic Association, National Civic Federation, Immigration Restriction League, National Civil Service Reform League, U. John Hay* (1838-1905), Papers of, 1783-1999, bulk: 1897-1905. Secretary of State, 1898-1905; author: Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle, and Little Breeches (1871); co-editor: Abraham Lincoln: Complete Works, Comprising His Speeches, Letters, State Papers, and Miscellaneous Writings (2 v., 1902), and others.“Correspondence and letterbooks, speeches, diaries, notebooks, scrapbooks, memorabilia, memoranda, and other papers relating chiefly to Hay'sservice in Great Britain, and in the State Department under William Mc Kinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Emory, and Edwin Thacher in the journal kept on the U. Otherwise, “Diaries, correspondence, ships' logs, and business papersof James Murray Forbes(1845-1937), Robert Bennet Forbes (1804-1889), . Christian Abraham Fleetwood*: Maryland Colonization Society Office, Baltimore, and Ashmun Institute (later, Lincoln University), Oxford PA; Union Army, 1863-66, Sergeant Major, Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor; Major and commander, 1887-91, 6 Battalion, D. It covers not only the military operations, diplomatic negotiations, and administrative activities of the governments involved, but also the native customs, institutions, and political movements. Subject files (3 boxes); articles, lectures (3 boxes).

Bayard, August Belmont, Perry Belmont, William Campbell Preston Breckinridge, Henry Lewis Bryan, Matthew C. Family members represented by business correspondence and other papers include Richard M. Business letters, bills, and some personal letters, 1896-1920 (1 box). James Dodson Barbee*: Ordained, 1852, Methodist minister; book agent, Methodist Publishing House, Nashville TN, 1887-1904; settled, 1898, Methodist Publishing House Civil War claims; Presiding Elder, Nashville District, 1902; father of: David Rankin Barbee*: reporter, news editor, managing editor, Nashville TN Banner, 1896-99; Nashville American, 1901; Memphis TN Commercial Appeal, 1901-10; Chattanooga TN Star, 1908; Montgomery AL Advertiser, 1910-11; Mobile AL Register, 1911-18; New Orleans LA States, 1918-26.“Diaries, correspondence, including family letters, notebooks, account books, printed matter, and notes and MSS. Octave Chanute* (1832-1910), Papers of, 1807-1955, bulk: 1860-1910. Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME, 1853, Harvard Law, 1855; practiced law, August ME, then Chicago IL; Illinois legislature, 1863-65; Chief Justice, 1888-1910, U. Supreme Court.“Correspondence, speeches and writings, notes, scrapbooks, printed matter, and memorabilia relating to Fuller'sterm on the Supreme Court; his law practice, real estate holdings, and Democratic politics in Chicago IL; his work as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration,” established in 1899 and called the Hague Tribunal, “especially in relation to the matter of the Muscat dhows and the Venezuelan boundary dispute,” settled 1904; “Fuller'spersonal and family affairs; and his childhood in Maine and student life at Bowdoin. Franklin Mac Veagh* (1837-1934), Papers of, 1799-1933, bulk: 1909-1913. Lee, Camilo Osias, Sergio Osmeña, Gifford Pinchot, T. Pardo de Tavera, Manuel Luis Quezon, Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Jeb Stuart, Walt Whitman, and Woodrow Wilson.”Letters, 1896-1920 (about 17 boxes); cablegrams, 1913-21 (4 boxes); subject files, 1913-21 (8 boxes); printed material, 1899-21 (7 boxes). Correspondents include Herbert Baxter Adams, Newton D. Diaries, letters, business papers and letters, 1850-1908 (12 reels). Fleetwood* (1840-1914); Papers of, 1797-1945, bulk: 1860-1907. Sara Iredell Fleetwood* (1811-1908): Superintendent of Nurses, Freedman’s Hospital, Washington DC.“Correspondence, diaries, legal documents, scrapbook, printed material, memorabilia, and photographs pertaining chiefly to Fleetwood'sactivities as a Union soldier during the Civil War and as a leading African-American citizen of Washington, D. Subjects include education, nursing, slavery, and other civic and social concerns of the African American community in the District of Columbia where Fleetwoodheld various government and business positions.” Includes papers relating to his wife’s career and letters of family members. Such prompt recognition of a bibliographic opportunity resulted in bringing together possibly the most nearly complete collection of books and pamphlets relating to the subject now anywhere existing.

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