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"Increased performance can often involve sacrificing a certain level of feature or function in the application or the application server.The tradeoff between performance and feature must be weighed carefully when evaluating performance tuning changes." ( A typical performance exercise can yield a throughput improvement of about 200% relative to default tuning parameters (Web Sphere Application Server workload management functions provide several ways to determine how the work is distributed.Workload distribution applies to both a single server and configurations with multiple servers and nodes.IBM Rational and other companies have tools to perform code profiling.An analysis of the application might reveal areas where some work might be reduced for some types of transactions.The high level topics covered in the book in depth are: Operating Systems, Java, Web Sphere Application Server, Web Servers and more.

The cookbook is designed to be read in a few different ways: In general, this book is not intended to be read end-to-end.

A large portion of the cookbook is more of a reference book.

The nature of performance tuning is that 80% of the time, you should focus on a few key things, but 20% of the time you may need to deep dive into a very specific component.

Some critical sections of the application and server code require synchronization to prevent multiple threads from running this code simultaneously and leading to incorrect results.

Synchronization preserves correctness, but it can also reduce throughput when several threads must wait for one thread to exit the critical section.

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