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By the early 1970s, however, listeners were slowly discovering the FM band and migrated to it for its static-free, stereophonic broadcasts; by 1978, FM overtook AM as the most popular band.

Attempts to revitalize AM have netted little; AM Stereo was proposed in 1958 and introduced in 1982 to big fanfare; many car manufacturers began to integrate AM Stereo into their radio units, and KRQX-570 became the first local AM Stereo station in 1983.

Kahn Communications is working on improvements to their original AM Stereo concept. Format: Southern Gospel (1986-90,) Black Christian Gospel (1990-5/18/1998,) Spanish/Ethnic/Spanish Religious (5/18/1998-2004; as "La Poderosa," 2004-present.) Calls stand for exas.

Ibiquity, another player who is developing solutions to the substandard sound, is currently marketing a digital broadcasting system for AM stations (known as IBOC/HD.) HD receivers are already being sold, despite limited station participation. Owner: Multicultural Broadcasting ("MRBI," 2004-present; Multicultural bought out all Radio Unica stations after Unica went bankrupt in 2003.) Former owners: Way Broadcasting (bought 4/19/2000,) Freedom Network, Radio Unica.

Also in the late 1980s, The FCC decided to extend the AM band to 1710 k Hz.AM's popularity and far-reaching capabilities were used by the government to launch a civil defense system, CONELRAD ("CONtrol of ELectromagnetic RADiation,") the forerunner of the Emergency Broadcast System (now Emergency Alert System,) in 1951.(WRR engineer Rick Teddlie co-created the CONELRAD system.) While the nuclear threat of the Cold War prompted the dedication of a national broadcast frequency, it wasn't until 1958 that the system was first used for weather alerts.Whether you knock AM radio today for its relentless static or its lack of music, this is where it all began.The early 20th century brought the first radio stations to the Dallas-Fort Worth area: KFJZ (with roots dating back to 1917,) WRR (in 1920,) WPA, WBAP and WFAA (all in 1922,) and the rest is history (well, almost!

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