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How about shopping on Christmas Eve for the most sought-after, yet widely unavailable gift on the market?Both going on dates and shopping on the busiest day of the year require focus, persistence, a competitive edge and a will to win.You’ll be shocked to discover how different love is for men and women. In fact, you want him to want to know everything about you.

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If you don’t quite get why we’re so different and why we have to respect those differences, read on!

He doesn’t need to know everything right away – because he doesn’t want to know everything right away. If he gets you too easily, you’ll have denied him the chase he wants. Again, he may want you tonight (or tomorrow night), but he’ll want you even more if you’re already busy. Don’t you dare lean in to kiss him on the first date or on your second date, either.

Men do not have the same need to really “know” one another’s deepest darkest secrets. He wants to feel great, and he wants to know you do, too. He doesn’t want to feel like he got the booby prize date that doesn’t have anything else going on, and is lucky to have something to do. He’ll realize that to get you, he’s going to have to fend off other suitors. When he does get you on a date, he’ll be more excited about it. In fact, don’t make it too easy for him to kiss you – or more. Besides, here’s how your "obsessions" are probably playing out in his head: **She didn't exactly come across as brilliant, but she sure blew my mind whenever we kissed. She can’t keep her mouth shut, but she loves oral sex. Of course, that's at the beginning of the relationship.

Here's an excerpt: Suppose for a moment that you eliminate all of the intangible woman-fluff that traditionally accompanies dating -- in other words, take away romance and fate so that you’re left with a pragmatic, practical point of view. (You must have the best possible inner and outer selves.) 4.

I call this approach “The Numbers Game.” It is based on the way men think about dating and business. Your personal style differentiates your company from all the others.

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