Is daniel radcliffe gay and dating tom felton

Which of the older actors did you get on best with? I had mates round when the first one was on TV and they took the mick for ten minutes, then turned it back to the football.

How was doing Planet Of The Apes different to Harry Potter? I’m sure Rob Pattinson had no idea what he was in for when he signed up for Twilight.

We’ve been friends for a long time and it’s very flattering.

I had a little boy crush on Helena Bonham Carter – she’s a very beautiful woman.

They're all lovely people." "He did ring me last week. I just reassured him that the vast majority of people are on his side." Radcliffe has refuted the allegations of drug-taking, insisting that he only smokes "the occasional cigarette." Radcliffe and Felton are currently shooting scenes for the final instalment of the wildly succesful Harry Potter films.

His recent films include the horror film The Woman in Black (2012), playing beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the independent film Kill Your Darlings (2013), science fiction fantasy Victor Frankenstein (2015) and comedy-drama Swiss Army Man, heist thriller film Now You See Me 2 and thriller Imperium (all 2016).

He has contributed to many charities, including Demelza Hospice Care for Children, and The Trevor Project for suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth, which gave him its Hero Award in 2011.

There have been a couple who burst into tears when they met me. Apparently Emma Watson used to fancy you – was this a surprise?

No, because she’d said it before a few years ago on TV.

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