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"If you were to picture the perfect day at work for your spouse, would that be it?

At a CLARE Foundation dinner he stated, “There's this rush that happens from doing our job, this whirring buzz, and you want to continue that buzz." He now works with CLARE Foundation (a southern California non-profit facility) to help others with rehabilitation and sobriety.“I think we were all expecting certain things out of it, and then once you're in there and people turned up who we hadn't seen for ages. to true love – Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have tied the knot.He then made the transition to television and film.On 2 October 2017, Moyer debuted in the lead role of Reed Strucker, a devoted family man and district attorney--the latter of which whose duties includes the apprehension of mostly young "mutants" with extraordinary powers--in the new Fox series The Gifted, loosely based on The X-Men feature film series.

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