Invalidating the cache

The real title shown in articles is just this title with underscores (_) converted to spaces ( ).For example, a page titled "Talk: Foo Bar" would have "Foo_Bar" in this field.Comma-separated set of permission keys indicating who can move or edit the page.

invalidating the cache-36

Set to This timestamp is updated whenever a page is re-parsed and it has all the link tracking tables updated for it.However, this number should not be considered as an absolute minimum value, as other implementation factors might influence its strength.For example, there are well-known implementations, such as Microsoft ASP.Note: If you want to completely delete a page manually from the database, be sure to delete the entry for the page in the page table, and for all the page's revisions in the revision table, and all of the text rows corresponding only to the page in the text table.This can be done by deleting the page row, then running maintenance/delete Orphaned Page IDs do not change when pages are moved, but they do change when pages are deleted and then restored.

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