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Weird looking 30-odd year old ex-marine with very long hair: "What makes the grass grow! Here are some popular volleyball chants to pump up your team. Ace: (everyone chants) 1, 2, 3, 4, EVERYBODY HIT THE FLOOR (the whole team hits the ground three times in unison, the team claps once and says ACE! Volleyball Warm up Chants a c e double whoop whopp ACE!!! I replied that the purpose of the race was to win, which we did, by about 50 points in a 10 team have a pretty enthusiastic pre-race ritual.everyone on our guys team(80 guys) kneels in a big circle and says the our father, then the biggest senior on our team (6'3 and 200) gets up and takes off his jersey and screams "oogaboogabooga!

[Team name] is tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-BOOM Dynamite! Those five letters, that one word, echo throughout the halls of the largest mall in America every few minutes or so, but security has been clamping down on Eagles fans, who have completely taken over the city of Minneapolis and the Mall of America.After a particularly raucous moment and loud Eagles cheer on Friday afternoon, security was on the case looking for who started the chant.So come on team let's go (clap)Get a touchdown, score a point Let's win this game We're friendly, we're nice We're your everyday team Both teams are number 1But Tigers are the best! As coming off the field/floor: Ooh, how ya feel, Ooh, I feel good!

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