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I replied that the purpose of the race was to win, which we did, by about 50 points in a 10 team have a pretty enthusiastic pre-race ritual.

everyone on our guys team(80 guys) kneels in a big circle and says the our father, then the biggest senior on our team (6'3 and 200) gets up and takes off his jersey and screams "oogaboogabooga!

We were told by mall security that fans starting the Eagles cheer would be given a warning before eventually being removed from the establishment for starting the chant. Additionally, fans at the Mall of America, which has become Super Bowl central this week, are not permitted to wear dog masks while on the premises.

It gets everyones attention and lightens the mood a little bit, putting the race into context a little bit I think.

The race goes off in the middle of their retarded chant.

Everyone was laughing for the first half mile, and one of the kids on the Edgewater team almost got in a fight (fist) with the guy that ended up winning the race, because he was giving him so much shit about the pre-race chant.

So come on team let's go (clap)Get a touchdown, score a point Let's win this game We're friendly, we're nice We're your everyday team Both teams are number 1But Tigers are the best!

As coming off the field/floor: Ooh, how ya feel, Ooh, I feel good!

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