Inbetween phase before you start dating

Ki Joon tells Park Hoon to assist in any way possible.Ah Jung is inside the Ministry lobby getting people to sign her petition for re-instatement.She wanted to take the relationship slow, so I find her “hold it right there” response to an entire episode’s worth of pressure to get married actually quite normal and believable.Coupled with the preview for episode 16, I’m pretty cool with how this drama might wrap up. Episode 15 Recap: Ah Jung runs out of the party, losing her shoes and her self-esteem in the process. Ki Joon, a half-step too slow if you ask me, chases after her and stops her in the hallway.Ki Joon doesn’t buy her lame excuse for one minute, pleading with his Ah Jung-ah to just tell him what the heck happened to her?

Ah Jung retorts that she doesn’t do any of that stuff.He promises that there he will make sure she smiles every day from now on.That night, Ah Jung thinks about the reporter’s Cinderella assertion, and her current predicament.Dad heads out and Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit down to talk. Ah Jung and Jae Bum sort the files to find evidence that she didn’t engage in any misconduct with respect to the Gold Resort.Ki Joon chooses the most innocuous question again “did you eat yet? Ah Jung teases that she’s not a pig so how come he keeps asking her the same question. All of Ah Jung’s co-workers support her and agree to help out.

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