Inbetween phase before you start dating

It’s not a drunken or injured one, but one where she emotionally needs the security he provides. When Ah Jung apologizes for being a burden (literally and likely figuratively as well), he stops teasing her and tells her that she’s not heavy at all.

And his white suit contrasted with her black strapless dress? He asks if this is the first time he’s piggybacked her, and she confirms it is. He then smiles and quietly tells her that he wants to carry her like this every day for the rest of their lives. Ki Joon sets Ah Jung down in the car, which is when a lady comes running out bearing Ah Jung’s shoes.

She looks outside and see Ki Joon passing out flyers, having erected signs protesting Ah Jung’s firing and her innocence.

She’s not happy he’s doing this for her, and he pretends that it’s a lot of fun.

He reminds her that her name Ah Jung means that she is a righteous and upstanding person.

Ki Joon comes to see Ah Jung that night, and Dad allows him to “borrow” her for the time being.

I was too harsh in my initial reaction to episode 15. I think she’s pretty overwhelmed at this point, and really needs to figure out her life and her future with Ki Joon without other plot motivators such as the China deal or her job on the line.

Ah Jung is showing that she’s not going to act before she thinks anymore, and will ponder her future with Ki Joon thoughtfully.

The only kicker is her admission that she is dating Ki Joon, but that itself is not a violation.

Dad heads out and Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit down to talk. Ah Jung and Jae Bum sort the files to find evidence that she didn’t engage in any misconduct with respect to the Gold Resort.

Ki Joon chooses the most innocuous question again “did you eat yet? Ah Jung teases that she’s not a pig so how come he keeps asking her the same question. All of Ah Jung’s co-workers support her and agree to help out.

Ki Joon kneels down in front of her and tells her to get on since she’s barefoot.

Ooooh, aborted piggyback ride from episode 9 about to become a reality. I’m sorry, I don’t care how many times I’ve seen a piggyback ride in a K-drama, but I LOVELOVELOVE this version.

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