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So the spreadsheet may consistently present a higher number than the number of records in your MARC file.When a library elects to have only one record in the catalog for a given title, the EBSCO record needs to be matched to existing records so that the fields, the OCLC number will be included in the EBSCO record.Along with the great atmosphere there is a wonderful staff that regulate the negativity that all chats would bring.They insure that you are in a safe environment and there is no harassment tolerated.Files are created only when records of that transaction type exist.She co-authored a chapter in Cataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools published by the American Library Association.The Excel spreadsheet that is sent to you each month gives you a breakdown of changes, adds, and deletes for those records.The OCLC number can then be used as a match point for appending the electronic holdings information onto an existing record.

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MARC (Ms [email protected]) for a personal reply or post your question in the Enhance Your Library discussion area to hear from Ms.

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