Hindu dating traditions

As a result, there are a number of traditions and customs associated with the Indian Hindu wedding ceremony.

These traditions are the essence of the marital institution, thereby strengthening the significance, chastity and faith in the same.

There are some though that are common and the underlying intention of all these customs is the well being of the couple, their happiness, harmony and prosperity.

When discussing on Wedding Traditions in India, the ceremonies which are held before the wedding are also considered.

Timing for fast is from sunrise to sunset or else 12 a.m. If you eat nonveg on the day of fasting, it is useless to fast.

Plus, killing someone on the day when you are doing fast for God is bad).

The Wedding Traditions in India are an impressive manifestation of the rich cultural heritage of the country.Spiritual reasons behind fasting: It is believed that if your body undergoes sufferings, your sins would lessen. So, instead of God punishing you, you punish yourself.This would lessen some of your sins and you would have more good times in your life.However these rites and rituals that are followed are not one and the same throughout the country.Different regions of India follow different customs and each of these customs hold a special meaning and significance.

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