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Parrotfish keep these blooms in check by beak-biting straight down to the substrate.() Unfortunately for the reefs, parrotfish are freaking delicious. And that means the fish are a prized target of both subsistence-, sport-, and even some commercial-fisherman.But runoff from the islands contains fertilizers from farms and lawn care, and these excess nutrients cause both naturally occurring and invasive algae to go haywire.Before you know it, all the available real estate is shellacked with fast-growing algae, and the extremely slow-growing coral can't colonize these surfaces.Most herbivores don't take a hook, but spearfishing and nets work well enough.Add to this the unfortunate fact that many species of parrotfish are also really heavy sleepers, and you can see there's a problem.

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Fictional depictions of intersex people often run into Unfortunate Implications and Critical Research Failure.

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Timbercon offers several types of hermaphroditic, deployable, harsh environment cable assemblies.

This connector was developed in conjunction with the United States Army and designed to meet the needs of the future battlefield.

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