Grandma dating grandson

The 52-year-old grandmother of one moved to Seattle resigned to forget about romance and seek contentment in the company of family and friends.

Two years later, Donna's friend introduced her to, a personals website for the 50-plus crowd, saying, "Even if you don't meet a guy, the women are so much fun.

Uncle Tre looked across at Uncle Remi, like he thought they could take these guys together.

If you see the hot slap that they gave the guy ehn? He says Nigerians are too timid to stand up against armed robbers, which is why, he believes, we keep getting robbed.

We were clowning Uncle Tre, because the guy went to chop Isi-ewu the day before and it had upset his stomach.

Yesterday, we were reminiscing about Nigeria and I almost died of laughter men, especially when she reminded me about our 'armed robber' ordeal. We were all in my grandmomsi’s bedroom gisting, apart from Uncle Remi, who was downstairs.

I don’t remember how everything jumped off, but all I know is that a major scuffle ensued. In fact, it was your mother and I who flew to the meeting together last night. In the end, Fine Grandma made some phone calls, and my uncles ended up getting released.

There was Fine grandma, my Uncle Remi, me, my lil’ cousin DJ, and my aunty Yinka and her husband, Uncle Tre.

No vex abeg, I’ve been enjoying the loooong Easter break a little too much. You only drank three Heinekens and you’re blinking like an idiot.

My adventures with Prettyboy will be discussed soon. I was literally her handbag when I was a kid..woman is alright with me men.“Fineboy o o strong o!

(He’s been mentally ill since he was a child.)Armed Robber2: Kill am! Fine Grandma: That will not be your portion in Jesus’ name! For hours after the ordeal, everybody was still shaking, apart from uncle Remi and Uncle Tre, who were fuming! The skinny policeman flew across the room and landed in the corner. Fine Grandma was not having it.“Release my sons right now! Grandmomsi suggested that they be suspended for a little while instead, and that’s what happened.

That’s how they locked us inside the room and escaped o. Uncle Ladi and Uncle Damo were in the thick of it with three policemen, and my grandma flung one skinny one off Uncle Damo. Long story short, the cops got a good thumping until some more policemen came in and locked Uncle Ladi and Damo up as well. We wanted to use that your big head for money but the oracle said you were too ugly! The DPO damn near lay flat on the floor for her, and promised to dismiss the policemen.

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