Grandma dating grandson

I’m not shouting o.” She covered her mouth and sat on the bed.“Everybody lie down!

The guy pushed Uncle Remi, and he reluctantly started to lie down.

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God will bless you o, they won’t catch you in the name of God! Meanwhile they started taking jewellery and all the money they could find.

We were clowning Uncle Tre, because the guy went to chop Isi-ewu the day before and it had upset his stomach.

Yesterday, we were reminiscing about Nigeria and I almost died of laughter men, especially when she reminded me about our 'armed robber' ordeal. We were all in my grandmomsi’s bedroom gisting, apart from Uncle Remi, who was downstairs.

Uncle Tre looked across at Uncle Remi, like he thought they could take these guys together.

If you see the hot slap that they gave the guy ehn? He says Nigerians are too timid to stand up against armed robbers, which is why, he believes, we keep getting robbed.

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