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It is not known exactly when the two extant stone structures were constructed, but they were certainly standing by 1760.

The surviving outbuildings are among the oldest buildings in West Virginia.

· Other notable works by Weems include Life of General Francis Marion (1805); Life of Benjamin Franklin, with Essays (1817); and Life of William Penn (1819). Influence and historical reliability The New York Times has described Weems as one of the "early hagiographers" of American literature "who elevated the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, into the American pantheon and helped secure a place there for George Washington".[3] Weems' name would probably be forgotten today, had it not been for the tension between the liveliness of his narratives, contrasted with the "...charge of a want of veracity [that] is brought against all Weems's writings".[4] The cherry-tree anecdote illustrates this point.

Another dubious anecdote found in the Weems biography is that of Washington's prayer during the winter at Valley Forge.[5][6] The exaltation of Washington The exalted esteem in which the founding fathers, and especially George Washington, were held by 19th century Americans seems quaintly exaggerated to their 21st century counterparts; but that Washington was so regarded is undisputed.

The original land was purchased from Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron in 1750 by Richard Stephenson.

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George Washington was friends with Richard Stephenson and notes in his journal that he stayed at Bullskin with Richard during a visit to his own property in the area in May 1760.[2] George Washington performed the survey of the property for Richard Stephenson around 1750 which still survives to this day and is publicly displayed in the Boston Public Library.

He studied theology in London and was ordained in the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1784.

He worked as a minister in Maryland in various capacities from 1784 to 1792.

The west outbuilding served as a school for a time during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Due to their age, these stone outbuildings are individually listed as Jefferson County Historic Landmarks.

Richard Stephenson was the father of seven children, two of whom rose to prominence in the Revolutionary War.

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