Going through a divorce and dating

It was during these hard times that I really grew fond of him.He was (and still is thankfully) sweet, charming, caring and really thoughtful.Yes in the first few months, his ex may get talked about a lot.After all, pretty much all of his memories and adventures were with her, but be grateful that he still wants to build new memories and adventures with you!Everything from beauty and lifestyle to fitness and relationships.Currently happy (finally) with a gorgeous man, Sophie has many relationship experiences to share.At one point she was his entire life, world and love. Remember that his parents have built up a bond with his ex over however many years and loved her too.Just remember that it ended, for whatever reason, and it’s not your fault. If their anything like my partner’s parents, they’ll be very welcoming and lovely, however they will want to make sure you won’t hurt him like his ex-wife may have done.

Given some time they will warm to you, just be patient.

We’d grown close and he would confide in me for advice.

He leaned on me in the first few months and I helped him stay strong, work out his finances and what he was going to do about his living situation.

When I met my current partner he had just split from his wife of 5 years.

Evidently things didn’t work the way he thought, they drifted apart over a couple of years and she didn’t seem to be bothered anymore. At this point we were merely friends and work colleagues.

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