God centered dating

Furthermore, I hate fat girls because they don’t see how much it affects themselves.

They are depressed because no guy they like actually likes them. Women care about looks, but they care about looks much less than men.

Watch how much different an attractive girl will react when you start hitting on her; it will blow your mind.

Watch as a relationship with a beautiful woman will naturally happen, without the need of high level game and lots of experience with women. I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life.

After traveling the world and seeing places with very few fat girls, I came to the realization that… While traveling in countries with low obesity rates I noticed that hot girls were much easier to obtain and were much less bitchy. This means that the only guys chasing after her are the mythical “chubby chasers” or lower value guys (that don’t really want them, but are out of options.) This means that 99.9% of men are desiring a now dwindling percentage of skinny girls.

Now from those skinny girls there is a percentage that aren’t hot.

If a fat girl complains that no guy likes her, don’t pussy foot around the subject, tell her why no guy likes her.I have also spent a lot of time in the Philippines, a country with a very low obesity rate.Good luck finding any truly stuck up girls in the Philippines, I spent over 3 months there dating A LOT of women and I can’t remember a single one. Because beauty is only affected by their genetics, not by obesity.These men are faced with a dating market that is stacked against them (if they want a girl they are naturally attracted to.) This is unfair and it is a problem that our forefathers never had to deal with. These are the guys that won’t accept dating a girl they are not attracted to, they know that the dating market is stacked against them. I hate fat girls because of how hard it makes getting laid, but you can escape fat girls.You will notice that game is more popular in fatter countries. Open up a map and go to any place with low obesity rates.

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