Gael garcia bernal dating natalie portman hermiston dating

And he is right, everyone has their own interpretation of the boundaries and parameters of love. Her efforts includes the Village Banking Project, helping impoverished people gain financial autonomy. Bernal is all about his mama, who he lauds for being independent in her identity even while she was raising him alone (badass).

Maybe they split because it was just TOO INTENSE and too heavy on the awareness. He told Elle that his mother was there for him unconditionally, but also did well to take care of herself: My parents separated when I was very small.

"I'm not that type of girl, I prefer to be reserved." She then revealed that she met Gael in Mexico when she was called for the casting.

Bernal was, for quite a long time, with the beautiful Dolores Fonzi, with whom he had two children.

They were however a make believe couple, coordinated as such so she could protect her not-make-believe relationship with none other than Gael Garcia Bernal. They were pursued by aggressive pappies, Natalie lost her cool, the pappies got their shots, and now we have photographic evidence that they are together – something they were obviously trying to avoid.

Yes you crazy Portmanites: celebrities will occasionally feed fake romance stories to the press to cover up the real deal. Unfortunately for Natalie, the secrecy surrounding her love life has only increased the bounty on her newly blonde head.

In addition to Latin Times, she's published in VOXXI, The Miami Herald, Huffington Post, La Opinion, El Nuevo Herald, The Latin Kitchen and more.

With over 10-years experience in digital media, she's nothing but passionate and creative with her work.

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