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What you need to do is to fill in 0 as your SSN, then Am Ex will send you an email with a phone number, then call it and tell them you don’t have an SSN and then provide your passport number.

Recently, Am Ex seems to block the most commonly used non-existing SSN 0 for some application links.

Credit cards can be approved without an SSN with Bank of America, but you must go to a local branch to apply.

For those students who can not obtain SSN in a short time, this card is a great choice as the first credit card.

First, please don’t apply for an Am Ex credit card if you have no credit history.

Secondly, all the credit cards can be applied for without SSN.

If you are an undergraduate or master student who cannot obtain your SSN in the near future, you can get on your way to apply for a credit card under the guideline of this article.

It is necessary to emphasize that no SSN does not mean no credit history.

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