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sc»fmgat Secondh^ All fuch Perfons as I am fpeaking of, Relijio?i, ^vho profefs themfelves to be Atheifrs, not upon a7;t.\c«,.Equity which Men owe to every 'Truth that can in any manner concern them ; and which is necef- fary to the Difcovery of every Kind of Errour^ How in things of the utmoft Impor- tance !i-'irtuccind Tr Jirdh]^ Since the Perfons I am difcourfing to, ^mrs^ayo- ^^^^^^^ tut own, that the Suppofition of the Being Utel^ m- ^^ God, is in it felf moil defirable, and for the (ejjarj.benefit of the World, that it fhould be true ; They mud of Necef Tity grant further, that, fup- pofmg the Being and Attributes of God to be things not indeed Dem.onftrable to be true, but only Pojlible^ and fuch as cannot be demonftrated to be falfe ; as mofl certainly they cannot ; And much more, fuppofing them once made to ap- pcc\r Prohab L\ and bucniorc likely Co be true than |:ho Being and Attributes of Go d.

For fince Something now \%^ 'tis evident that Sonic- thing always Was : Qtherwife the Things that Now Being and Attributes of Gob, ij Now Are, muil have been produced out of No- thing, abibkitely and without Cauie : Which is a plain Contradi6lion in Terms.hie to mari'j Evils and Miferics^ u;hich he can ;7(?i/kr Ti Hotfon'i prevent nor redrefs : He is full of Wants which ^-^- |oh Txvilt cannot fiippl^y and compajfed about 'ujith Infirmities ^emo7tflration of the nion Is an Errour, and fincerely hope that the contrary may be demonftrated to them to be true; And confequently they are bound with all feriouf- nefs, attention and impartiality, to confider the weight of the Arguments, by which the Being and Attributes of God may be proved to them.Nov/ Many Arguments there are, by which the Being and Attributes of God have been underta- ken to be De? And perhaps moft of thofe Arguments, if throughly underftood, right- ly ftated, fully purfued, and duly feparated from the fah'e or uncertain Reafonings which have fometimes been intermix'd with them *, would at length appear to -be fubftantial and concluiive.B 4 But |f A T)emonjlratton of the But becaufe I v/ould endeavour, as far as pol Tible, to avoid all manner of perplexity and confufion \ therefore I fiiail not at this Time ufe any Variety of Arguments, but endeavour by Ont clear and plain Series of Proportions neeeffarily conne6led and following one from another, to demonilrate the Certainty of the Being of God, and to deduce in order the Necef Tary Attributes of his Nature, fo fir as by our Finite Reafon we are enabled to difcover and apprehend them.

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