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But here are three truths: 1) Nearly everyone I meet wishes they had more meaningful love and connection in their lives -- what I call Frientimacy, the platonic intimacy of friends.

2) Nearly everyone hates the beginning stages of building those friendships as they are often in filled with small talk, awkward moments, uncertain feelings and lots of energy depletion with near-strangers.

In other words, you may not silence the fear, and that's OK. Online is actually a great place for taking it slow.

In my book, I talk about this a lot in the context of defining courage and understanding how we can minimize our vulnerability by doing it incrementally so that it may feel a little safer as trust is being built. But remember, a friendship website is just a tool, just as a party or a telephone both can be -- they in and of themselves are not good or bad or untrustworthy, they are simply one other way to connect with people.

The question isn't how many friends you have but whether you feel like your life is supported by the ones you have. " I teach the five Circles of Connectedness -- the five different types of friends we have and need -- to help us articulate the difference between the different roles that various friends can play in our lives.

Many of us know a ton of people and feel guilty about not staying in touch with everyone, but those are two different circles of friends than having a few close friends we feel close and connected to.

I've come to a new milestone and am new to a city/just started a new job/am entering parenthood/have found myself living the single life.

It can feel very vulnerable to put ourselves out there, fearful that we want friends more than others do.

Maybe you've just recognized that many of your friendships have gradually faded (or worse, become toxic).

No matter what your situation is, you're never alone if you're looking to make new friendships.

3) And finally, that there is no way to get to those deep and meaningful places with people we love without going through the stages of getting together with strangers that we don't yet know that well.

Every relationship has to start at the beginning with two people who have never danced together, which means all of us will have our insecurities.

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