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From loneliness to frientimacy -- Admit the desire : i value new friends!-- Learn the circles of connectedness : what are the five types of friends?Maybe you've just recognized that many of your friendships have gradually faded (or worse, become toxic).

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The advantages of maximizing where we already spend our time is that those relationships are easier to grow if we are in close proximity or more frequent contact.

While it not socially acceptable to walk into a business and ask a random employee out for lunch, it is more acceptable to do that in our own company.

The context of having something in common -- our neighborhood, our new life stage or a our new job -- with the new people we meet makes it so much easier to move forward than if it were a complete and random stranger.2.

Our greatest fear as humans is that of being rejected so it makes complete sense that we hear that voice!

It can feel very vulnerable to put ourselves out there, fearful that we want friends more than others do.

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