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Needy people are often very unskilled at the art of persuasion and romance, and may be very off-putting in their advances. ‘Normal’ needy people often don’t secure love relationships quickly because people are repelled by their shaky advances.

Let’s start with the of where the narcissist has come from before he or she begins to plot how to get you into their world.

When a narcissist comes into your life it is like being hit by a freight train.

One day you were going about your everyday life, and within a very short amount of time, before you could even catch your breath you were swept up into an is an attempt to influence a person by lavish demonstrations of attention and affection. Members of the Unification Church (who reportedly coined the expression) use or have used it themselves to mean a genuine expression of friendship, fellowship, interest, or concern.

The narcissist’s internalised wounds often resulting from the unhealed wounds sustained from the mother (or sometimes the father or other authority figures) are relentless.

These are the ‘voices’ that continually tell the narcissist ‘you are no good’, ‘you are worthless’, ‘you are a total failure in life’, ‘you don’t deserve to exist’.

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