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So, as mentioned, we’ll try to build a chat application with WPF. What this means, is that each of our chat apps (or “clients”) will essentially be web servers, listening to incoming HTTP requests on a certain port. Heck, we might even have to ditch Live and Skype by the end of this article. NET Web Api self-host, we can turn any C# product into a web server.Finally, Chat Proxy also has a few private methods: The first two will control (start/stop) the chat server.

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This is a neat technique that Rick Strahl generously showed on his blog. Notice that I added and Event Handler which is thrown every time an incoming message comes via a POST event.The object is constructed accordingly: where, the first two arguments are delegates, which we will use for updating the GUI from the Business layer.The other two are going to be used to start our local self-host server (myport) and to tell Http Client who to send the messages to (partneraddress).The class has two constructors – which are two sides of the same coin, so to speak. NET Web API, we couldn’t do without a class inheriting from Api Controller.The first constructor is used for receiving messages (that’s why it takes the Message Receiver instance as an argument). Remember, we are only interested in handling POST events – which in our app will represent incoming messages.

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