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When they finally enter the data into the form, get an email that says what their email and password is. You could log in as if you were them, see their bank transactions, move money around, and maybe even write online checks to yourself in their name.

The same concept applies to website that uses a login, like an email provider, credit card company, social media website, etc.

They might use a well-known hacking attempt calling phishing, guess your password outright, or even use a password reset tool to make you a new password against your will.

To learn how to protect your password from thieves first requires understanding how to steal a password.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% foolproof way prevent people from gaining access to your online accounts.

Each time you get an email about resetting your password, read the email address it's coming from to make sure the domain name is real.

It usually says would indicate that you're getting the email from Therefore, when you open a link in an email, check that the web browser resolves the link properly.

If when you open the link, the supposed "com" link changes to "," it's time to exit the page immediately.

It's best, then, to only store sensitive information like your credit card or bank details, within online accounts that are hosted by companies you trust.

For example, if an odd website that you've never purchased from before is asking for your bank details, you might think twice about it or use something secure like Pay Pal or a temporary or reloadable card, to fulfill the payment.

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