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On an international stage Nigeria has a pretty poor track record (one of the lowest in the world in fact) in gender equality and women are often not even allowed to go out in public without their husbands being with them - Nigeria is a male dominated society full stop.Unfortunately domestic violence and rape in Nigeria are all too common so Nigerian girls are usually looking for more stable, more loving and more productive lives with foreign men.Normally, that means they expect that you are willing to be a leader within the family and the breadwinner.You may believe that you want to find a beautiful African bride with traditional views, but different cultural practices can cause a lot of friction within a relationship.Religion is a major issue that causes enormous problems in Nigeria, because about slightly over half the country is Muslim, about 50.2% according to best estimates, and nearly all of the other half of the country are Christians, although there are still a small number of Nigerians who practice one of several pre-colonial native religions.

, your global open source medium that utilizes credible sources to keep you informed. The best rule for Nigerian dating, like most things, to keep religion in the back of your mind, but do not let it sour everything.Many Nigerian women are much less doctrinaire about religion than you would expect in such a conservative culture, and if you are religiously conservative you will probably be surprised by the beliefs of a religiously conservative Nigerian lady.Thanks to its oil reserves Nigeria is one of the most prosperous nations in Africa.Unfortunately that prosperity does not help the vast majority of Nigerians; as with many African nations there is a dizzying divide between the rich and the poor.

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