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The mystery and the thrill of its premise, of course, is not knowing what is part of this dangerous "game" and what is reality, and just where the conspiracy ends.

If the logic of the proceedings and actual workings of the game aren't fool-proof, especially during the disappointing "not-so-surprise" ending, the script does give some good twists and turns, and works just fine as a well-executed thriller.

A definite treat that makes us regret Lee's absence and puts the rest of this trashy film to shame.

This whole exercise is but an excuse to use the little remaining Lee footage to make a quick buck, but admittedly the final bits of Game of Death are a worthy way of remembering the star's real talent.

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As such, there's a lot of long shots of Lee's character, with either his head turned from the camera or deep in shadow to avoid us realizing that it's not Lee on screen.The team tested coatings by chilling glass to -20C, then leaving them at room temperature.The new coating (right) remained frost free and outperformed current anti-frost coatings (left) and untreated glass (middle) Engineers Michael Rubner and Robert Cohen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said: ‘It resists both fogging and frosting which could have uses ranging from automobile windshields to camera lenses.’The surface is made by a process called layer-by-layer deposition.Yet the camera rarely even tries to hide the fact that this isn't Lee!There's a miserably few entertaining fight sequences with each of the three (yes, three!

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