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This is stupid if tgis has been going on for 12yrs don't you think she could get out tgis chip in her leg isnt right no way to sit here and watch this girl.sleeo for 20 hrs I have better things to do... We can't help her in real life unfortunately, but here in Internet we at least will try to find information if she alive or not! I am happy to see her web cam is back up and running again.. Unfortunately our kind words can't reach her and can't help her.

and a bent copper keeping her there just doesn't make sense hi Chip Chan I tried to translate your texts but its verry hard... Even though our kindness can't reach her in any way WE Know we care about her and she does have many people here including myself who care and are concerned about her wellbeing and its great to see so many positive posts here. Maybe if we believe it, our thoughts and positive energy will reach her and she gets better.

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"My granddaughter lost a good friend." A young woman collapsed at the scene as a coroner's van pulled up. " the woman yelled frantically as she ran down the street toward the scene before falling into the arms of a man and woman.

About four people lifted her up and walked her away as she sobbed.

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Anyway I hope she will be back soon and everything is ok with her.

29) inside an apartment on Palmetto Street, according to the New Orleans Police Department. NOPD spokesman Aaron Looney said officers found the bodies inside an apartment when they responded to a call for a wellness check. A man ran up to the scene, shouting, "This isn't right," repeatedly.

and said it happened in the 8200 block of Palmetto (map).

I agree with the last person About CHIP I am sure she is a VERY nice person and it is a pity she lives this way. Whatever is wrong with it be it a mental illness or some chip inserted into her body!! She seems to live a lonely secluded sad life and what she is going thru has to be her own personal HELL!!

I pray for her every day and night and I ask god to help her and protect her.

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