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Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby, one of the innovators of dub, was gunned down on February 6th, 1989 outside his home in Duhaney Park, Kingston after returning from a studio session.

These are just some of the names you might know, plenty of other lesser-known artists have suffered similar fates.

While music is usually considered a route out of the ghetto, in Jamaica this is not always the case.

A reputation for crime and violence has always plagued this island nation, and its roots run deep.

This scene not only illustrates how greatly violent pop culture from overseas—especially America—influenced Jamaican culture, but also how the archetype of the gunman proved to be especially attractive.

There’s a scene early on in Perry Henzel’s 1972 cult classic, , acclaimed for its honest portrayal of life in the Kingston slums, where the main character Ivan, played by Jimmy Cliff, goes to see a movie at the Rialto after having recently emigrated to Kingston from the country.

Scenes from a pioneering spaghetti western starring Francisco Nero, are intercut with shots of the audience talking to the screen and laughing.

In those sorta desperate situations, of course you’re gonna have crime and poverty and sickness and disease and early death.”While the ghetto provides an incubator for all kinds of destructive tendencies, there is an undeniable creative force emanating from there as well, evident in the long list of artists and musicians, from Bob Marley on down, who trace their humble beginnings to the Kingston slums.

Neither Motown nor Muscle Shoals could compete with the sheer amount of sounds coming out of Jamaica and having an impact worldwide.

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