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Once you’re done applying the best face serum, be sure to follow up with one of the best moisturisers for dry skin, or one of the best moisturisers for oily skin, depending on your skin type.

So which ingredients should you be looking out for?

As of Monday, Face App was the second-most popular photography app on Google Play in the U.

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Face App can alter your image to look older or younger, male or female, smiling or wearing glasses.

It can, also, for some reason, show you what you’d look like as a hitman, which as far as I can tell means as a bald man.

Face App, which uses neural networks to create photorealistic facial transformations, has been around since the beginning of 2017 and its popularity had ebbed and flowed, but has recently ticked up again.

Since its launch, Face App has had 3.8 million i OS and Google Play downloads in the U.

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