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For instance, a zipper on a motorcycle jacket may appear to be just another simple style statement and practical way to keep your pockets closed, but further explanation shows which zippers should be zipped or unzipped for better wind flow, sweat reduction, and a variety of other practical reasons that the average rider may not consider without prior knowledge of these subtle but strategic design elements.The shop carries a wide variety of helmets, so we also get a solid introductory course on choosing the best helmets for beginners, with a showcase that details every aspect of this vital Harley safety gear.Now, we were expecting the informal, hour-long event to be interesting, but it definitely surpassed our expectations in regard to the smart, comprehensive overview of all things Harley.The event also includes a tour of the showroom and massive retail space, as well as a spin on the full-size stationary test bike, which itself is worth a trip to the dealership.The total course is about 15 hours, comprised of six hours of classroom instruction on motorcycle safety, and nine hours riding exercises and skills development.But we do struggle to pay our rising rent and other bills every month, so we came here.

Throughout the evening, the experienced riders on Glendale Harley-Davidson’s crew cover the obvious concerns of burgeoning bikers, including how to overcome new-rider anxiety, proper cornering techniques, and effective stopping.

From Mountain skiing to sailing, California offers a wide spectrum of activities to it's residents and to those that wish to make the journey west.

recently made our way down to Southern California’s Glendale Harley-Davidson to check out one of the dealership’s recent community preview nights highlighting the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course.

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