Fractionalization dating how to sophie monk dating history

Fractionation is a powerful tool from hypnosis that was discovered accidentally.When used properly in a regular conversation, it can generate some powerful attraction in a relatively short amount of time.Then every time you get back to your “friend” she’ll automatically go deeper into following along and imagining what it’s like to fall in love.A good way to think about this is to always alternate between talking about “emotions” and talking about “things.” The good news is that every time you go back to talking about “emotions,” they don’t need to be the same ones.

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This will have a profound effect, and will give you a decided advantage of guys who are trying tired out “pick up lines.” Be very careful though, as you may think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but getting a girl you hardly know to feel sudden and deep levels of attraction may not be the best thing in the world.

What normally takes a couple of weeks will happen in a couple of hours.

And you might not want to have some girl head over heels in love with you, and not know anything about her.

Just be sure that she’s “your type” so you don’t create any unexpected emotional damage. During this time, you’re getting to know her, and she’s getting to know you.

While it may not seem like a big deal now, consider what you’ll be doing to her emotions in a very short time. But when you use fractionation, and some of these seducing conversation examples, you may be playing with fire.

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