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Even worse, they rarely last long term; after all if your dating your husband's best friend your dating someone with very similar qualities as your ex.If you couldn't stand him, why would this relationship last?Before you begin dating after a divorce, make sure you really are single!Dating while legally seperated or in the throes of a divorce process won't endear you to either your soon to be ex spouse or your attorney and can lead to further legal entanglements, especially if someone wants to play dirty.If the man you’re dating isn’t clear about what he’s looking for, ask him.Casual dating, sex, marriage and family are all issues that can quickly determine the direction — and potential success — of a relationship.If you’re not living in India — one-on-one dating in public might be a little taboo to some — head online to find your Indian soul mate. Are you hoping to find someone who shares traditional values, or are your own values and ideas considerably more liberal than those of your upbringing?Online matchmaking sites allow you to specify who and what you’re looking for. Online dating helps you focus your dating search and, depending on your preferences, can introduce you to Indians in your neighborhood and around the world.

If you begin seeing someone and your ex spouse is still noticeably single don't rub it in their face that you are out on the dating circuit again.

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce you may wish to drop a casual, 'I'm starting to date again' at them when you do have to see your ex.

Never tell them a relationship is serious until it actually is, as this can impact child custody arrangements and maintenance especially if someone moves in with you.

Be patient and respectful of parents who seem hesitant to embrace your relationship, and of parents who expect your romance to quickly escalate to engagement.

Family is highly valued in Indian culture, with marriage considered to be a matter of karmic destiny. Consider honoring your date’s traditional father by asking for his permission — or at least his blessing — to date his daughter.

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