Failure in invalidating cache

The article is absolutely touching a worthwhile subject but imho an important tip is missing: Don't be afraid of renaming things later.

Modern editors make mass-renaming easy and it's almost impossible to get everything right from the start.

Multiprocessor computers by definition contain multiple processors that can execute multiple parts of a computer program or multiple distinct programs simultaneously, in a manner known a s parallel computing.

In general, multiprocessor computers execute multithreaded-programs or single-threaded programs faster than conventional single processor computers, such as personal computers (PCs), that must execute programs sequentially.

Multiprocessor computers with distributed shared memory are organized into nodes with one or more processors per node.

Also included in the node are local memory for the processors, a remote cache for caching data obtained from memory in other nodes, and logic for linking the node with other nodes in the computer.

Because the memory access time differs based on memory location, distributed shared memory systems are also called non-uniform memory access (NUMA) machines.

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Unless you consider the settings files, documentation, publicly exposed APIs, existing customer installations, projects dependent on the current project, web services, Apache configurations, and XML soup.A URI-based invalidation process, wherein all cache entries generated by a template with that URI are invalidated when that template changes.A URI is a Universal Resource Identifier that identifies a template that generates different cache entries.Centralized shared memory computers are called uniform memory access (UMA) machines because the memory is equidistant in time from each of the processors.Both forms of memory organization typically use high-speed cache memory in conjunction with main memory to reduce execution time.

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