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He's become so weak he can't play in the ring, his wife leaves him—Ted runs to a psychologist.

In an assassin's organization, when you're being partnered with someone, you're in it for life and the only to get out of this 'partnership' is if one of the partners die then you have to die too. After Ted's developed anorexia, his world falls apart.

Francisco Moreno Barrón, a los niños y jóvenes durante la inauguración del XIII Torneo deportivo Rouger en el Auditorio de Tijuana.Contains SEX & RAPE later on Danny is a loser at Casper High, normally trampled over and left out, but is that really who he is? While fighting some ghosts one night, he unknowingly catches the eyes of a certain white haired prince. When Danny falls ill and passes out after ghost fighting who is he sent to? Matt goes back to school and is being held back a year. I love you." Matt gripped onto Phil's hand as he kneeled down, pulling out a black box from his pocket. What happens when the boys are thrown into a deadly game?

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