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In undertaking research over more than a twenty years Graham Jaunay has made a passing note of over 9500 newspaper obituaries.In using this resource the reader should be aware that this was not a systematic search of runs of newspapers and therefore is far from complete.Blakemore's career is in jeopardy when she is investigated by Internal Affairs.George Leppard as Arthur Marsden, Chris Burke as Jones Episode 5.07 (122) March 21, 2000 Written by Michael Miller Directed by Russel Burton When a doctor's car plunges into the harbour, the Nemesis is first to respond and Gavin's new partner, Matthew Quinn, dives into the water to pull the man from his car, too late to save him unfortunately.Obituaries are very much the result of the contribution the deceased has made to their society.

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are being compiled by the SA Genealogy & Heraldry Society.

The Keain Index at the State Library of SA lists birth, marriage, death and obituaries in Catholic newspapers marked (K with date range) in the list generated by the map.

State Records of SA has references to published obituaries in series, GRG 56/75 The Biographical Card Index.

The divers recover the drugs but when one of the packets goes missing, Internal Affairs is called in.

Meanwhile, Blakemore is devastated after learning the armed robber she shot was only carrying a plastic pistol.

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