Endometrial dating based on histomorphology

Wang Lina, 8 hours before h CG injection, after they had rested for at least 15 minutes and completely emptied their bladders.Endometrial thickness, pattern, volume and the blood flow of the uterine arteries, ovarian arteries and endometrial spiral artery were performed by transvaginal 6.5 MHz ultrasonography with Envisor C Color Doppler Ultrasound (Royal Philips Electronics Inc., Amsterdam, Holland).In the menstrual cycle, the endometrium has no adhesive qualities until the implantation window phase, during which for a very short time, the endometrium allows the implantation of gestational sacs.

Hospital, between November 1st and December 31th, 2008.Intrauterine pregnancy with live fetus in Group C (62.2%) was much higher than that in Group A and B (0% and 17.1%, p less than or equal to 0.001).The implantation rate (33.2%) was much higher than that in Group A and B (0% and 19.90%, p less than or equal to 0.001).Double thickness of the endometrium was measured (maximum distance between each myometrial/endometrial interface through the longitudinal axis of the uterus).Thereafter, color Doppler energy was superimposed on the 2-D Doppler studies were performed on selected areas.

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