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Better not to waste her time, my time, or my wallet's." "In my time online dating, I've messaged with at least a dozen men, but only with a few have I clicked well enough to actually meet in person," says Jane Walsh, a 27-year-old actress in Los Angeles."Nowadays, more people are going Dutch treat on dates, which is a bummer if you're more traditional, but regardless, it makes you think hard about whether you really want to spend a three hours with that person - and shell out the money for dinner and drinks.They actively want it, and care little for the impact it will have on Britain’s economy. They do not have a majority in the House of Commons, or anything like it. As we’re now more or less there, interest rates have been raised to cool it down.If the doomsayers are right, and they might very well be, the rise could prove to be as mistaken as the last one was.In many countries, fears have even arisen of a prolonged period of slow and occasionally negative growth, persistent obstacles to reducing unemployment, and continued economic anxiety; or worse, of a Japanese-style “lost decade” with multiple recessions; or, even worse, of a depression, (which politicians and intellectuals have stoked in an attempt to justify continued massive government intervention in the economy for years to come).

The optimism that emerged in the early stages of the recovery from the financial crisis and recession has given way to more sobering assessments, with fear of a double-dip recession rising.

Dinners at restaurants have been replaced by cooking at home, seeing movies in the theaters -- at a whopping a ticket --seems excessive when you can wait until the film in on DVD, and traveling? According to The New York Times, had its strongest fourth quarter in the last seven years.

An easy explanation is that though times may be tough, loneliness is loneliness, no matter how much money you have in your bank account.

It would be useful to know the answer to this question before trying repeatedly to pump up the economy in the short run with costly policies that might worsen longer-run prospects. Boskin is Professor of Economics at Stanford University and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

(The Frisky) -- With unemployment numbers at a record high, mortgage rates at all time low, and businesses shutting their doors on nearly a daily basis, the average American is cutting back on expenses BIG time, especially when it comes to their social lives. But one social activity that's NOT seeing a dip in participation is online dating.

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