Double your dating or mystery method

Due to better organization and marketing, his teachings have reached far and wide, and have done more to help the normal man. They do get laid, although I’m positive they can’t just grab random girls and take them into the bathroom. In my estimation, and I say this as someone who has been a no name pick up artist for ten years, the average pick up artist probably sleeps with one new girl a month.

It’s really about how much time you have to be out picking up women.

I think it’s going to be some time before we come across another man who has broken down the game so efficiently.

But if we were to judge a player on the effect he’s had on thousands of other men, then Style would win.

Some of the best pua’s aren’t really pua’s anymore, rather they have learned to be really good womanizers.

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If he is a good pua he could probably sleep with 20-30 women a year.

It’s hard to rate different PUAs when there are so many subjective variables. How many girls do they have sex with for every 100 approaches they make? David Deangelo is the pioneer of “cocky and funny,” a flirting technique that builds attraction.

While being cocky alone or funny alone won’t necessarily build attraction, the combination offers a powerful way to get into a girls pants. Before David D became a superstar with his Double Your Dating line of books and DVDs, his main style was hitting up the internet, where he could talk and deliver his cocky and funny lines. All the desirable women he wanted were in groups so he figured out the best way to approach these groups, disarm the cockblockers, and then get the girl he wanted.

Not many people besides those close to his inner circle have seen him in action but he does always have a hot woman on his arm when showing up in his seminars. His style is more entertainer because he has to hold the attention of several people at once.

You can tell by his “peacocked” outfits and crazy hats.

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