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But Mr Bell isn’t as nice as Mrs Davis, our history teacher.

From the age of 6 to 14 boys went to a local primary school or to a private school. In primary school they had to learn two important things — poems by Homer, a famous Greek poet, and how to play the lyre. Some of them learned to read and write at home, but most of them were taught sewing and cooking. 11 Find some information and get ready to speak on education in ancient Russia.

The fabric is scratchy, and the color is dirty brown. What I really hate is that I can’t wear any of the new clothes I bought this autumn. I can’t remember, do you have to wear a uniform to school? Here in the United States our local school districts make the decision about things like uniforms, and I guess ours decided it’s a good thing. He doesn’t like going to school, he is into computer games and playing football. I think this profession is very interesting and useful. 32 Complete the sentences about schools in Russia with the verbs from the text (page 13). In Russia children start school at the age of 6 to 7. They complete school when they are 16 or 17 years old in the eleventh grade. Normally, children study in the same classes with their classmates from the first through the eleventh grade. Write a similar paragraph about your favourite school subjects.

I’ve always worn one, ever since the first grade, so I guess I’m just used to it. I have a younger brother who is not really keen on studies. My favourite subjects are French, art and English, but I also like history and geography. They are both very boring, and maths is even more boring than science.

He’s interviewing kids from different countries for The RAP survey.

15 Read Masha’s letter to her American pen friend Vicky. Against: All students look the same, because they have no choice. 18 Read the text, add some arguments for and against school uniforms to the table (Exercise 17) and get ready to express your opinion on it. In small groups, discuss your answers with other pupils in your group. Nevita-the RAP — Family is what gets me to go as far as I can in education. Listen to the interview and make notes in your Workbook. 20 Read Trevor’s tips that may help kids to return to the school routine. Try to get back into the routine a few days before school starts. It will help you keep track of your classes, homework and activities. I want to go into the military when I graduate, which is impossible without a high school certificate. 26 Look at the photos and read the title of the article. Use these adjectives: difficult, easy, interesting, boring. He decides to interview kids in the Forward International Holiday Camp. Nikita-the-General — I have never thought of dropping out of school. So me and my bf are coming up to 6 ish months together and I recently told two friends this to which both of them replied that we should do something (both of them are in relationships and both celebrated it). On further research I found out that quite a few people actually celebrate this!

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