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I’ve never done it and this is my reasoning: I think it’s just as hard to meet someone special online as it is offline. It’s really fucking nice that he kisses me hello and goodbye, every single time.

I think being away from New York helped him realize that we may have something special. I must be one of the only millennial in Brooklyn that does not do online dating.

I tell him that it’ll take me two hours and ask if that’s too late for him.

daughter dating older-42

He gives me the keys to his apartment so that I don’t have to wait next time. I come out of the shower and see he has candlelit the entire place.

Well, then why did you ask me to sleep on your couch?

He leaves a voicemail, saying that he really wanted to see me tonight and that he’s sorry.

But if it’s something you really want to do, it’s not that hard to make it happen.

The steady pace helps me forget about my writing, Felix, family, finances, future, climate change, everything.

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