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Televizija je interaktivna, sve njene funkcionalnosti integrirane su na mobitelima, a novo sučelje korisnicima nudi jedinstveno TV iskustvo u potpunosti prilagođeno njihovim navikama.

MAXtv To Go usluga ima snimalicu, videoteku i pun spektar programa baš kao i MAXtv, korisnici dobivaju ukupno tri televizije, jer putem jednog računa mogu istovremeno pratiti različite programe na IPTV-ju, smartfonu i tabletu.

Drake-Lee's terms require the actor to keep his romantic partners away from the children until he hits the six-month dating mark.

It doesn't not break down the terms of the kids' physical custody arrangement, however.

Have lunch here almost everyday and mom always wants dinner from here.

Before the Grey's Anatomy star and his estranged wife reached their agreement, New York real estate agent Drake-Lee made an attempt to keep the star from posting photos of their children on social media.

Her concern hinged upon the fact unstable fans may attempt to engage Williams through Sadie and Maceo, potentially hurting the toddlers in the process.

Williams at present has roughly 2.25 million followers on Twitter and approximately 2.4 million on Instagram - and Drake-Lee has, indeed, noted in her court documents that her estranged husband has a massive online audience.

So, people don’t know the rhythm and the humor that Natives have.“First and foremost, I think it’s to make Native people laugh.

It’s like watching the British Office for the first time.

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