Dating yoga goddess

Feather, in her 70s, invited me to join her for some topless sunbaking and told me: “I’ve got TMB – Too Many Birthdays.Men who are 80 and 81 look at me and say I’m too old for them.Yes, desperate and dateless as the New Year dawned, and staring down the barrel of yet another looming Valentine’s Day, in January I rejoined (not its real name) and attracted the likes of blokes such as “Fairdinkumkiwi”, “Gazza”, and “Dancingand Romance”.At this stage of the year/game I’d like to say (and kids, look away), based on my experience of dating sites in 2015, there is NO Santa Claus.Purely by coincidence in January, I also interviewed a woman who launched The Self Pleasure Revolution.Yes, 35 women from Australia, England, Chile, America and the Netherlands signed up and paid $US89 to participate in conscious masturbation every day for three weeks.While I admired their tenacity, I indulged in my own self pleasure revolution of going to the bottle-o and consuming vast quantities of wine…a semi-conscious decision which has lasted much longer than three weeks and cost far more than $US89, but each to their own.

The highlight of this three-hour tour occurred Brett husked a coconut for me to drink.

I interviewed the fabulous Feather from Byron Bay who was the subject of Natalie Grono’s award-winning photo: Feather and the Goddess Pool.

Natalie had just received the People’s Choice award for this year’s National Photographic Portrait Prize.

I was home for a grand total of three days…enough time to wash and repack my undies…

before I was on a plane to Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.

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